IB curriculum


Applied education, as it is offered at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, presents numerous opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in the real world. At International Business (IB), one such opportunity for our students is our international internship program.

IB curriculum


When inviting our students to join your team, you can expect individuals with a strong skill-set grounded in intercultural development, multidisciplinary thinking and ethical behaviour. Over the course of their study, our students have been linking theory and practice by completing assignments and projects that are designed to reflect the professional field. Additionally, our students will produce an advice and research report that the internship provider will be given access to.


General Requirements​


Internship period

In order for students to receive their study credits, internship hours* must be completed in one of two academic periods. The internship may begin or end outside the period for additional work experience.

Internship tasks and projects must have an international dimension

Students must be in direct contact with colleagues, suppliers, partners, or clients in at least one country outside of the internship country.​

Internships tasks must be at bachelor level​

And provide students the opportunity to apply at least one IB discipline: Marketing & Sales, Finance & Accounting, Operations & Supply Chain, People & Organization (HR). ​

The company must provide a supervisor​

Who can coach the student throughout the internship. They must be able to participate in at least one meeting with a university internship supervisor and complete student assessment forms (both in English).

Internship opportunities

How do Internships at IB work?

With almost 30 years of experience in applied education under the belt of our Internship Coordinators, Sandy Garcia and Laura Raumane, we have built up a comprehensive network of industry partners who offer internship opportunities to our students.

This network regularly adapts to socio-economic and technology changes, aiming to offer students an internship experience attuned to the times.

Over the last 5 years, a little over 200 IB students completed a semester-long internship in various sectors and all over the world.

Throughout the duration of their internship, students are in regular contact with an IB internship supervisor, who in turn also has periodic contact with the company supervisor, thus ensuring a useful internship experience for all parties involved.

Internship experience

Ian Burgers x Bloomreach​

Lights, camera, action! Ian Burgers, fourth-year IB student, shares insightful details about his internship in digital marketing at Bloomreach. Ian talks about his tasks and responsibilities as a digital marketing intern, the competencies he gained and how the International Business program at THUAS prepared him for this experience.

“The International Business program gave me the theoretical foundation and taught me the practical skills, such as communication and working in an international environment, that I needed for this internship. Throughout the countless projects that I did at IB, I created a structured way of working for myself that is crucial to my success at this internship!”

“I feel like I’ve made a tremendous jump both personally and professionally since I started my internship. Not only was I able to grow my skills as a marketer, I also developed problem-solving skills and gained confidence that I can apply in my daily life. At Bloomreach, I am really empowered to take responsibility and create meaningful marketing campaigns. At the same time, I have a group of experienced marketers who are helping me to reach my full potential.”
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