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Internship experience

Ians Burgers and Bloomreach

Lights, camera, action! Ian Burgers, fourth year IB student, shares insightful details about his internship in digital marketing at Bloomreach. Ian talks about his tasks and responsibilities as a digital marketing intern, competencies gained and how the International Business program at THUAS prepared him for this internship.

“The International Business programme gave me the theoretical foundation and taught me practical skills, such as communication and working in the international environment that I needed for this internship. Throughout the countless projects that I did at IB, I created a structured way of working for myself that is crucial to my success at this internship!

“I feel like I’ve made a tremendous jump both personally and professionally since I started my internship. Not only was I able to grow my skills as a marketer, I also developed problem-solving skills and gained confidence that I can apply in my daily life.
At Bloomreach, I am really empowered to take responsibility and create meaningful marketing campaigns. At the same time, I have a group of experienced marketers who are helping me to reach my full potential.”

The International Business programme helps students to find the right opportunity to taste professional life in the student’s area of specialisation, even before graduating. If Ian’s story excites you, visit to learn more about the IB.