Join our growing IB community!

Join our growing IB community!

What makes for a successful career in business? The International Business (IB) program gives you the tools to excel both as an entrepreneur and as a business expert. Become part of our growing IB community of students, alumni, and industry experts, and learn how you can make a difference in the world of business and entrepreneurship.  

Explore our community hub to hear our stories, join our social network, and find out how you can become a partner of our program.

IB THUAS community
Our Community

What is it like to be part of our vibrant IB community?

Here you can learn more about the many activities and opportunities that help bring our students together and prepare them for a successful career in International Business! Find out what student organizations you can join, or learn more about how the IB program helps you grow and develop, and listen to the stories of of our students.

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Exchange Program​

Broaden your horizon with an exchange at one of THUAS’ partner universities around the world and explore what it means to be a global citizen.

Study Associations

Make even more out of your student experience by joining a study association. Learn more about yourself, your goals, and your strengths, and build friendships that you will never forget.

Student Buddy

Our student buddy program welcomes international students and helps them connect with the IB community. Expand your international network of friends and enrich your university experience.

Internship opportunities

Our internship program helps students put theory into practice and gain professional experience in their area of specialization.

What makes the THUAS IB program different?

The THUAS International Business program places a strong emphasis on intercultural development, multidisciplinary thinking and ethical behaviour. Linking theory and practice, assignments are designed to reflect the professional field, preparing students to contribute to organizations of any size and sector.

Our student population

The composition of the student body is international and culturally diverse: 45% of the students are international and 51 nationalities are represented, creating a truly international classroom and developing global citizens

Our internal experts

About two thirds of our staff are non-Dutch representing 30 countries and all continents. Almost all Dutch staff have international experience. Moreover, several staff members maintain a close relationship with the professional field and with business developments.

IB THUAS students

Our curriculum

We offer a practice-focused education, based on concrete and real business cases and close collaboration with the professional field, which offers students opportunities to shape themselves into international business professionals ready for tomorrow’s business world.

It turns out you don’t have to have it all figured out before or during your study

I am still using every day a lot of things learned during my study. I recruit sales and marketing professionals – having studied these subjects naturally helps when having an in-depth conversation with candidates and clients. With my knowledge I can directly build rapport and demonstrate I know what I am talking about and I am a specialist in the field.”

Mariya Stancheva

IB alumna, Associate – Sales & Marketing Recruitment at Michael Page International

Specializations at IB

Are you ready to become an expert? Expand your foundational knowledge in International Business and become a specialist in the business function of your desire. Learn more about the four specializations at IB.

Finance & Accounting

Become a master in evaluating the performance of a company and learn how to make decisions based on your analysis.

Marketing & Sales

Learn how strategic marketing plans and the right sales techniques create value by addressing the needs of the customers better than the competition.

Operations & Supply Chain

How is customer value realized? Become an expert in managing and improving the processes through which plans are turned into reality.

People & Organization

What is an organization without people? Learn how the right people in the right places can make all the difference and bring success to a company.


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