FOCUS Study Association

FOCUS Study Association

FOCUS Study Association is a completely student-led association, founded in 2015. We aim to give students professional and personal opportunities to develop themselves while having a fun time.

What committees does FOCUS have?

FOCUS Study Association has four committees, each focusing (pun intended) into different events: Events Committee, Excursions Committee, Introduction Days Committee and Tutoring & Summaries Committee.

The Introduction Days Committee of FOCUS organizes the introduction days for the new IB students. The aim is to make the new students feel welcomed and introduce them to the international environment they will be working in. Furthermore, the introduction days are an opportunity for new students to meet their fellow students and create new friendships. 

The introduction days last for 3 days. The first day takes place in the university to show the new students around. The second day takes place in the city. It is helpful for international students to be shown around in the city that will be their new home. The last day takes place on the beach. Every day different games are played so the new students get to interact with and come to know each other. The introduction days are always closed off with an after-party exclusively for IB students to celebrate the new start of the school year.

The Excursions Committee of FOCUS organizes trips for students of the IB program. The aim of the committee is to fill in the gap between the theory and practice by showing students how business is done in various parts of the world.

We have had excursions to many different places over the last years. A few examples include Hong Kong, Dubai and Paris. There, we visited different companies which showed us the way they do business in their country.  Paired with this, we aim to create awesome opportunities to discover new countries and cultures.

The Events Committee is one of the four committees within SA FOCUS and manages the organization of events such as guest lectures, company visits and monthly borrels! Through our events we aim to connect students with companies, providing them with countless opportunities for personal and professional development, while also helping them connect with one another and enabling the creation of a close-knit society.

The T&S Committee is the newest one in our organization and it is still partly under development. The tutoring aspect comprises a platform that we provide to students who feel uncomfortable with the study material and would like to get in touch with other students, our tutors, for additional help. Furthermore, we organize extra classes for groups of students that face similar difficulties. 

The committee also provides students with a platform were various summaries on each discipline can be found to facilitate their studying progress and the preparation for their exams.

Lastly, all of the workshops organized by Focus are under the belt of the T&S Committee. They are related to various skillsets such as leadership, entrepreneurship, emotional intelligence, career orientation, and more.

What trips do we have?

We often have a week-long business trip in the Autumn Break and Spring Break. In Spring 2020, FOCUS is going to New York!

What events do we have?

FOCUS organizes a wide variety of events for IB students such as the Hawaiian Borrel, the Halloween Borrel and the Christmas Formal Ball. 

How can I join FOCUS?

Unfortunately, we no longer a offer General Membership. To become part of FOCUS, you have to join one of our four committees. If you want to join FOCUS, send in your CV and motivational letter to any of the committees you are interested in, by emailing Events (, Excursions (, Introduction Days (, Tutoring & Summaries ( or Board (

Is it for everyone?

Our events are catered towards International Business students. Everything except our borrels, pub quizzes and movie nights, are exclusive to International Business Students.

The Intro Days were exactly what I imagined. I met many new people who gave me some useful insights about the program. A lot of positive energy for a good start of my first year at IB! Different activities that get you out of your comfort zone and create memories!

Madalina Bulumac

During the intro days I had a lot of fun and felt very stimulated to get to know new people! It was rather cheap which made me sign up as soon as I heard from it. The amount of time was perfect for me as well. I liked that we did those typical games that students during an intro day, what I especially appreciated was the fact that we didn’t have to wear any “freshman shirts”. Made us feel we can be ourselves all the time. Overall a perfect experience in my opinion!!!

Risto Meijs

In the beginning I had some doubts and thought it wouldn't be anything special, but Intro Days exceeded my expectations. I got warmly introduced to the university and new city I would be living, managed to make some incredible memories and most importantly, met people from all corners of the globe which became my closest friends.

Nadelina Sandu

The Intro Days were an opportunity to gather all the new students together and give them the chance to know each other and gather information. University might seem scary especially for international students who come here alone. I really enjoyed the day on the beach due to the fact that it was different, funny and entertaining. I felt welcomed after those days and I was more prepared for the student's life.

Flavia Deminiss

The Intro days were really fun. The games were entartaining. Sometimes we had to wait a bit between the games but we had the opportunity to get to know the other students. Overall, I am glad I took part of it!

Eperke Marozsak

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