Exchange Program

Students of the 4-year IB program complete a study abroad semester as part of their journey to becoming global citizens. Our exchange program is a great opportunity to challenge yourself, experience a new culture, and meet people from all kinds of backgrounds.

The semester-long exchange takes place in your third year. During your studies abroad, you will spend one semester following courses at one of our partner universities while immersing yourself in a new environment. The majority of our partner universities require no additional tuition fees, except for some private institutions. You will have to cover the travel, housing, and living expenses during the exchange, just as you would during your stay in the Netherlands. To choose your exchange destination, you will make a selection of your preferred locations. As there are limited spots per exchange location, students with higher grades will have priority in choosing their destination. You are only allowed to go on exchange in a country that is not the Netherlands nor your country of origin. 

You can learn more about our university partners form all around the world by exploring the map below.

Number of partners
Exchange countries
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