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International Business at The Hague University of Applied Sciences will be hosting a new series of webinars that present opportunities to collaborate, connect, and benefit from ongoing research pertinent to international (business) and professional development. The webinars are facilitated by IB lecturers doing active research on different themes. Each webinar will feature expertise and an interactive module wherein there is an opportunity to learn and discover how to further productively collaborate with the themes that most interest you.  

The series of webinars include:

 April 21  – Change Management by Wypkje van der Heide 

12 May  – Purposeful marketing by Hongli Joosten – Ma

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19 May  – Global Learning By Marloes Ambagts – van Rooijen

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2 June  – Circular economy by Jochem Vreeke

Learn more here 

16 June – Innovation Network by Armand van Oostrom

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