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On November 13th, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and International Business opened their doors to prospective students. Today, we would like to share our experience of the Open Day and the interactions we had with students from all over the world.

The Open Day for International Business was organized around four activities. To begin with, we encouraged prospects to watch our Program Introduction Video in our movie theater / computer room to give them an overview of what they can expect from IB. Then, prospective students had a few options for how to experience their Open Day next. They could attend the Reflection Workshop where, with the assistance of our lecturers, they were encouraged to think about their expectations for IB and to visualize their potential journey with us. Additionally, students could attend a Program Presentation which showcased the building blocks of the IB curriculum and the student journey we offer. The highlight of these presentations were the following Q&A sessions with our alumni who returned to our campus to share their experience of IB and their beginnings in the working field with students at the beginning of that journey. Last but not least, there was the Student Market where our student volunteers engaged the prospects and their families in a discussion and offered to answer any questions they might have.

Danel Kaliyeva, a first year IB student, shares her experience of the Open Day from behind the scenes and her interactions with the prospective students.

“Our job was to guide prospective students and their families during the Open Day and help them to get a feel of the program. It felt nice to be helping someone. Many students valued our opinions because we simply shared our own experiences. We could tell them things we enjoy about the program and some aspects of IB that may need work. It also feels less formal when you can discuss topics such as the most fun student associations at THUAS or our social lives in The Hague with people closer to your age. For example, I think that prospects are less likely to ask a lecturer which student associations are worth joining or what the most fun places in The Hague are because they simply would not know. I think that prospects appreciated hearing our perspective which made me enjoy our discussions even more. Furthermore, this experience gave me an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world which is always useful for an International Business student. As a first-year student, I also found it valuable to become more involved in the IB community and talk to fellow IB students from the second to fourth years. They clarified some questions I had myself. For instance, what specializations to choose, what minors they would recommend, and what internship opportunities are there. I was also confused about the Master and Pre-Master programs, but that was explained by one of the students who was also helping during the Open Day.”


FAQ’s from the Open Day


FAQ’s For Prospective Students April 2021


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