Moving to The Hague: 3 Things to Look Forward To

Excited yet about moving to The Hague? We hope you are! There is much that makes The Hague a fascinating place to live in. Follow along and find out what you can expect from your new home.

Culture – A City With Many Faces

The City of Peace and Justice, The Royal City, The City by the Sea – The Hague is a beautifully unique city with many names and faces. A distinct identity, a vibrant cultural scene, 11km of sandy beaches, and a laid back attitude make The Hague an attractive destination to many.

As an internationally oriented student, you should not be surprised to quickly feel at home in The Hague. According to the Expat City Ranking 2019, The Hague, ranked 9th worldwide, is the best city in the Netherlands to live in as an expat. The diverse and multicultural international community from more than 180 countries and making up over half of the total population of The Hague offers a great mix of people to get involved with.

Over the course of its history dating back to the 13th century, The Hague has become known as the International City of Peace and Justice. Accordingly, the city has gained a distinct identity that is reflected in many aspects of its culture. Nevertheless, you would be mistaken to assume that there is not much more to The Hague than bureaucracy, governance and politics. On the contrary, its historical and multicultural character has brought an exciting cultural scene to The Hague.

Whether you are culture buff or just want to explore the city, The Hague has something in store for everyone. Art lovers and history enthusiasts should have ample opportunities to follow their interests or discover new ones in the 20 museums in The Hague. If you do not want to spend a sunny day in a museum, The Hague has many unique beautiful neighborhoods to explore. Walk around the charming Zeeheldenskwartier, grab a drink in the colorful Schilderswijk, go shopping in the Hofkwartier, or simply spend a relaxing day on the beach in Scheveningen. There are also many festivals and events all year-round in The Hague so that you will hardly ever have the opportunity to be bored.

If you want to learn more about things to see and do in The Hague, you can visit this blog post. To stay up to date on upcoming events and festivals, have a look at this calendar. To get around The Hague, we advise you to get an anonymous OV-chipkaart that you can use for all public transport in the Netherlands. You can find more information about it here.  

Diplomacy – A City That Matters

The Hague, known as the International City of Peace and Justice, is often regarded as the legal capital of the world. As the administrative centre of the Netherlands and home to over 200 international organisations, The Hague is the place where important decisions are made. Institutions such as the International Court of Justice (ICJ), the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCV), the International Criminal Court (ICC) are striving each day for the ideals of peace and justice. Additionally, organisations such as the The Hague Academic Coalition have helped establish The Hague as an international knowledge centre on peace, justice, and sustainable development. The notion that The Hague is a city that matters is difficult to escape. One only has to walk along the 111 embassies to be reminded that The Hague is a centre of diplomacy and global affairs.

Industry – Where Ideas Become Reality

The Hague’s status as the International City of Peace and Justice is also reflected in its industry. Many young entrepreneurs and students who want to contribute to a safer and fairer world come to The Hague to join a large network of like minded people. Initiatives such as ImpactCity help talented and ambitious entrepreneurs to turn ideas into reality by providing them with resources, information, and a platform to exchange ideas. As a result, you can find many so-called impact businesses in The Hague aiming to consolidate economic success with social impact by developing innovative solutions in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Additionally, cutting-edge businesses in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, or Blockchain help bring the digital revolution to governance and law, transforming a key sector in The Hague. If you are an ambitious student with the goal to make a difference, The Hague offers you many opportunities to contribute to a better, more sustainable world.


What excites you the most about moving to The Hague?

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