student accommodation in The Hague

Student accommodation

Looking for a student accommodation in the Hague? Here is all you need to know!

1. Finding Accommodation:

You are enrolled, getting ready to start your semester on and offline.

If you are one of our students travelling to the Netherlands and looking to begin your first year of International Business from The Hague, then you will need accommodation. Maybe, and hopefully, you have already found a place to stay, or have begun looking. If you are still searching for a house / room / student flat then then a good place to begin is the practical matters section of the course site where many of the housing agencies are listed. It can be difficult to find accommodation, so make sure you start looking for a room as soon as you are officially enrolled.

2. Points of note:

  • Students in the Netherlands generally do not live on campus.
  • Most students are used to living on their own when they start a new study.
  • Often you will find student houses where everybody has their own room but there is a communal space.

3. A quick overview of agencies that work with THUAS:

DUWO Accommodate: DUWO offers furnished rooms close to the main campus of THUAS. The rooms can be rented for one semester to one full academic year depending on your needs and circumstances. Some rooms are larger than others, and include a private kitchen, shower, and toilets whereas smaller rooms share utilities and common spaces such as kitchens and leisure spaces with other flatmate. Monthly rent for DUWO properties range between 450-700 Euros.  

The Y: At The Y monthly rate start at 600 euros. The building is located near The Hague Hollands Spoors train station and within walking distance from the main campus. The Y offers studios exclusively for international students, the students sign a short-stay contract with a minimum rental period of six months up to a maximum of twelve months.

Geste Groep: the monthly rate starts at 600 euro. The Geste Groep offers independent student apartments are fully furnished and have private kitchens and bathrooms.

HousingAnywhere: As finding student accommodation in The Hague can be a difficult challenge, THUAS has partnered with HousingAnywhere to make sure that students are able to find rooms and book them with priority as a student. The rent varies depending on the room/apartment.

4. Other options:

Other housing options can also be found on the THUAS website. There are many more housing providers who are not specifically working with THUAS, but are open to international as well as Dutch students looking for housing.

5. How much rent can you afford?

Here is a simple way to figure out how much is a sustainable rent for you to pay:

First identify the monthly income you will have abroad (net, not gross!), and then calculate how much you will need to spend on:

  • Food
  • Insurance (e.g. Health, Travel)
  • Transport
  • Entertainment/ Leisure
  • Other ongoing costs (sports clubs, phone bills, subscriptions, payments back home, etc.)

The amount you have left after allocating for the above is approximately what you can allocate for monthly rent. It is an approximation as it’s always prudent to keep a financial cushion of one or two hundred euros, either to save for the future or for one of life’s unforeseen events.

Once you’ve settled on your absolute rental maximum, you can apply this figure to all filtered accommodation searches.

Wish you the best as you find your student home in NL!

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