Round Table on Employability and Trends in Internationalization

Dear students,
We are eager to welcome you back to the campus shortly and already have something of interest for you on your return.

Having completed your time abroad on exchange and your semester of internships, many of you now have your eyes set on possible first roles in the work field. This would therefore be an opportune moment to explore and identify the skills and competencies that you now possess as well as understand the demands of the ever evolving international business scape and what it seeks in terms of 21st century skills from its professionals.

On the 29th of January 2020, as part of IB’s accreditation activities, we have therefore organized a round table discussion facilitated by Lector Jos Belen and panels populated by industry experts, alumni and relevant student representatives.

The themes being presented and discussed are:

  • Trends in Internationalisation
  • Trends in employability skills for the future: which two employability skills will become more prominent?
  • Examples of what the IB programme is already doing. What should be done more? What does this mean for partnerships?

Event details:
When: 29 January 2020, 15:00-16:15
Where: OV3.37

We hope that participating in this discussion would allow you to equip yourself well as you take your first steps as new professionals following your graduation from IB.

We have reserved 50 seats among the audience for you, our final year students.

To claim a spot all you have to do is register via this link:

Registration deadline is Friday 24 January 2020.
Hope to see you at the round table.

International Business

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